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6. 11. 2017. On November 2nd it wass exactly hundred years from the day when Arthur Balfour, foreign minister in His Majesties government, wrote a letter to baron Rotschild expessing the view that " His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, ...". It is also 70 years from the UN General assembly resolution for creating Jewish state in Palestine. Also it is 50 years from the unification of Jerusalem, and it is 20 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Croatia. BB "Gavro Schwartz" has prepared an exhibition about Israel's history and a lecture on Balfour's declarations. The lecture was given by dr. Boris Havel an expert on Israel and its history. Both the lecture and the exhibition were at Croatian-Israely society, in Zagreb, Radiceva street 26. Among visitors was the Israel ambassador in Croatia Mrs Zina Kalay.

December 6 2016
BB lodge "Gavro Schwartz" Croatia has issued a "Statement to the public". It is expressing protest and concern about the inscription of the Ustasha (Croatian Nazis during WW II) greeting on a memorial board in Jasenovac (a village near which during WW II was a concentration camp). Ustasha salute is an association to the darkest period of Nazi rule, killing undesirables based on their racial, religious, ethnic or political affiliation. It is an expression of anti-Semitism, and we as part of world and European B'nai B'rith organization consider necessary to react. Our statement is transferred to several Croatian newspapers. Full text of the statement can be seen on our web site

October 25 2016
A book on Oscar Nemon,  well known sculptor and portraitist a Jew borne in Croatia, was recently published by Museum of fine arts in Osjek, Nemon's  native town.  The book was prepared by Daniel Zec from the Osijek museum. Most of his life Nemon spent in England making portraits of many distinguished presons: queen Elisabeth II, Winston Churchill, Bernard Montgomery, Harold Macmillan. In Vienna he made the portrait of Sigmund Freud. He donated the sculpture "Mother and child" to his  native town as a memorial to Holocaust victims. The sculpture is now in Osijek in the park named Oscar Nemon park. BB lodge "Gavro Schwartz" in Croatia organized the presentation of  the book about Nemon and a talk given by Nemon's daughter Lady Aurelia Young who came from England for this occasion.  She is very engaged with promoting her father's works and speaking about his life. Daniel Zec also came to present his book. BB Croatia in cooperation with Hungarian Balassi institute made this presentation in the Balassi institute lecture hall. Lady Aurelia gave her talk using a video presentation of some 50 slides and movies. Her talk was extremely good. After her talk a short music event was performed ba Emma Stern who fulfilled Lady Aurelia's wish and played a lullaby which Nemon used to sing to his daughter. Presenting his book Mr. Daniel Zec  emphasized Nemon's talent  who was self educated but achieved world popularity. Besides the pictures of Nemon's works the book includes Nemon's memoires and articles about him by different persons. This performance was a success  well accepted by numerous visitors.    

May 13th 2016 at 8 pm
On the occasion of Independence Day of the State of Israel in cooperation with the Embbasy of State of Israel
Magic Violine Trio from Israel
Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall
Music Academy Zagreb
Entrance free. Please get your tickets at Music Academy on Wednesay 11th or Friday 13th from 5PM to 8 PM

February 20th 2016 8PM
Piano concert,
David Gazarov
Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall
Music Academy Zagreb

David Gazarov is a German pianist, composer and arranger living in Zagreb. As a classical, jazz and cross-over pianist he held many recitals in numerous concert halls throughout the world and in Croatia as well. He performed and recorded with many famous jazz musicians. In 1999 he received the award for his overall artistic work, the State Award with Diploma by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture.
In his own compositions such as Bauer Gigue, as well as in his cross-over arrangements such as Retrospective  (Etude in e-flat minor, Op.10, No.6), Gazarov combines musical elements of different styles from the history of music, exploring similar, even identical development patterns, resulting in attractive musical compositions for the audience to enjoy.


President of BB Croatia D. Fischer opens the lecture
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D. Fischer and Lady Young with the book about Oscar Nemon
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