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January 27 2019. Holocaust memorial day was marked with exhibitions in four Croatian towns: Zagreb, Rijeka, Varazdin and Osijek. This was made by the iniciative ov "Hatikva" organization from Zagreb. BB president of Croatian "Gavro Schwartz" lodge was present at the opening in Osijek and gave a short talk.
January 21 2019. Meeting of the Lodge members. We continue to cooperate with Croatian Israeli sociaty. The lecture and presentation of book "Finding Nemon" by lady Aurelia Young is scheduled for May 13th.

June 11 2018. Our BB lodge organized a talk about Zlatko Bourek a distinguished Croatian painter, sculptor and screenplay of Jewish origin who died a month ago. We tied to bring professor V. Zmegac Bourek's schoolmate to revoke memories of their friendship. As Mr. Zmegac canceled his talk, president of BB lodge D. Fischer gave a presentation on Bourek with some reproductions of his animated movies.  ou can find the presentation on our web page

May 14 2018. The annual convention of our BB londge. A summary of it (in Croatian only) can be found on our web page
May 11 2018. Zlatko Bourek a distinguished Croatian painter, sculptor, screenplay writer and film director of Jewish origin died in Zagreb. His ancestors were from Sephardic family Abelcani. Born in Požega on April 4th 1929 he attended the elementary and high schools in Osijek. He studied on the academy of fine art in Zagreb. His paintings and sculptures are predominantly in the form of grotesque figures like those found in cartoons. He participated in several Jewish cultural events.
May 11 2018. The exhibition "Israel from Abraham to the modern state" was opened and presented in the town of Donji Miholjac. Thanks to Mrs. Mira Bakić a member of Jewish community in Osijek this exhibition was opened in presence mayor of Donji Miholjac and his deputy.
April 10 2018.  The exhibition "Israel from Abraham to the modern state" was presented in Osijek in the building of former synagogue. This building is now use as a Evangelistic church. We are thankful to the authorities of the Evangelistic church and Evangelistic Theological faculty, especially to dr. Peter Kuzmič and dr. Damir Špoljarić who gave us a full support to present this exhibition in the former synagogue. Thanks to the Jewish community of Osijek which was a co-organizer of this event, the opening of the exhibition was attended by many citizens of Osijek and members of Osijek Jewish community. 
2. 11. 2017. It is exactly hundred years from the day when Arthur Balfour, foreign minister in His Majesties government, wrote a letter to baron Rotschild expessing the view that " His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, ...". It is also 70 years from the UN General assembly resolution for creating Jewish state in Palestine. Also it is 50 years from the unification of Jerusalem, and it is 20 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Croatia. BB "Gavro Schwartz" has prepared an exhibition about Israel's history and a lecture on Balfour's declarations. The lecture will be given by dr. Boris Havel an expert on Israel and its history. Both the lecture and the exhibition will be on Monday November 6 2017 at 6 o'clock pm at Croatian-Israely friendship society, in Zagreb, Radiceva street 26.
24. 10. 2016. Togather with Hungarian Balassi institut in Zagreb BB Croatia organized a lecture and presentation of the book about the sculptor Oscar Nemon, Croatian borne Jew who lived mostly in London.  The talk on him was given by his daughter Lady Aurelia Young. The book was presented by Mr. Daniel Zec from Osijek art museum. The musical event was performed by clarinetist Emma Stern.

17. 10. 2016. First meeting of the lodge after summer holidays. Activities during summer and fall were discussed as well as the Day of Jewish culture in which our lodge also took part. Conclusion was made that the Lodge should have more members especially younger people. The third issue of "Voice of BB" was published on WEB and sent by email to our members, other BB lodges and to our friends. On Monday Oct 24 we are organizing the lecture and book presentation on sculptor Oscar Nemon.

30. 9. 2016. President and secretary of BB lodge "Gavro Schwartz" visited the Israeli Embassy in Zagreb to give tribute to Shimon Peres and inscribed in book of condolence opened at the Embassy.

04. 9. 2016. On this day we marked the European day of Jewish culture. The event took part in the Hungarian Institute in Zagreb. Our friends from this Institute gave us the possibility to use their rooms and equipment for our presentation. We are grateful to our Hungarion friends for their generosity.

Introductory word was given by B'nai B'rith president Mr. Darko Fischer. He shortly explained the significance of European day of Jewish culture and it's this year theme "Jewish languages". The best known Jewish languages are: Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and Ladino. The first two of them were "holly" languages while the last two were everyday languages of Sephardic and Askenasy diaspora. Mr. Fischer also gave a short lecture on Yiddish with some examples. Mrs. Sonja Makek gave a lecture on Hebrew, the Biblical language which became the everyday lannguage in Israel when Elieser ben Yehuda transformed it. The lecture on Ladino was also presented by Mr. Fischer. Ladino songs were reproduced in between the lectures.
Some 30 visitor expressed their satisfaction with presentation they have seen.

22. 8. 2016. On Sunday September 4th 2016 European Jewry will mark „European day of Jewish Culture". This activity started in 1996 in B'nai B'rith lodge in Bas-Rhin department in France as an „Open day of Jewish Community". In year 2000 this manifestation was transformed in a general European event as the „European day of Jewish culture". Every year on a certain day, usually at the beginning of September, Jewish institution show to their friends a part of Jewish heritage with a certain theme. In Croatia we mark this day since 2002. Several Jewish communities have been taking part in this event. This year B'nai B'rith Croatia will also mark the event which theme is „Jewish languages".

B'nai B'rith Croatia will present this event in Hungarian institute, August Cesarec street, Zagreb at 10 o'clock on September 4th. (we thank our friends from Hungarian Institute who gave us opportunity to use their office for this occasion. On this event we shell give several lectures and video presentations aboutJewish languages - Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and Aramaic.  

20. 6. 2016. Meeting of the lodge. Only seven members present. The last issue of our WEB paper "Voice" was disccused. Preparations for the next, 3rd number, were made. This will be published in September. Mrs. Cimermanović will make technical editorial work. The day of Jewish heritage will take place on Septebmer 4th in Hungarian center. In September or October we plan a lecture on sculptor Oscar Nemon, his daughter lady Aurelia Young from London will come to Zagreb and give this lecture.

16. 5. 2016. Meeting of the lodge, some 10 members present.
Discusion on past events and future activities. President D. Fischer still absent due to his injury.

18. 4. 2016. Meeting of the lodge, some 10 members present. President D. Fischer absent due to injury, vice president M. Bernfest presided the meeting. Next activity, Yom ha Shoa commemoration will take place on May 4th evening with lighting six candles, singing El Malei Rachamim and opening the exhibition on extermination of Jews in Zemun. Jewish heritage day on September 4 with Jewish languages as a topic will be our activity in autumn. Mrs. G. Abramec, an expert for Yidish will contribute to this event.

12. 4. 2016. B'nai B'rith Croatia together with Jewish cultural sociaty "Miroslav Shalom Freiberger" organized "Jewish humor evening". Jewish humor and jokes were presented by rabbi Luciano Moshe Preevich, Darko Fischer president of BB Croatia and Mr. Brane Popvich a gest from Belgrade. At the same time in the Jewish Community Zagreb an exhibition about sport activities of Maccabi clubs in period 1918 to 1941 was presented. The exhibition is a work of Mrs. Chedomila Marinkovich from Belgrade.

8. 4. 2016. The well known Zagreb's publisher and writer Slavko Goldstein, who is also the member of our Lodge, presented his latest book " Jasenovac " . The book is a response to newly released publications which diminishes the Ustasha(Croatian Nazzis) crimes committed between 1941 to 1945 in the infamous death camp Jasenovac

31. 3. 2016. Members visited a small (20 seats only) private  theater "Eurokaz" to watch "Bife Titanik" performance, based on a story by Ivo Andric, Bosnian (and Croatian) Nobel price winner (1961). The short describes a Croatian Nazzi ("ustasa") and his dilemas when in 1941 he is faced with his first victim a Sefardic Jew in Sarajevo. Two other stories of Jewish background (Abraham secrifying Isaac, and Casanova) were presented in the same performance.  The intension of this visit to the theatre was to bring members of the lodge closer togather.

21. 3. 2016. Meeting of members. As far as our first action, concert of Jazz and Cross over pianist D. Gazarov is concerned, the conclusion was that it was a very successful performance. The first number of our "Voice" was published on our WEB page and sent to 120 Mail addresses. During this month the members will visit a theatre performance "Bife Titanic". The day of State of Israel Yom Ha'atzmaut will be marked in cooperation with Israely emmbasy in Zagreb. A violin trio from Israel will give its concert in "Blagoje Bersa" concert hall.

20. 2. 2016. Concert of David Gazarova a German jazz pianist organized by BB Croatia took place in Academy for Music in a very nice concert hall under perfect conditions. The entrance to concert was free. Great number of visitors and a very successful event was a good promotion for BB Croatia.

15. 2. 2016. Annual assembly of the Lodge. The membership fee for 2016 will be 200 kn payable in two separate payments. We would not be able to organize a joint exhibition of T. Franović and M. Kraus. In March our Voice of BB should be published on Internet. D. Fischer would be the editor. Also in March we'll try to have a lecture on Jews in Diaspora with G. Abramac and T. Jakovina.

18. 1. 2016. Meeting of members. Voice of BB will be published on our WEB site. Editor is Ms. Gabi Abramac, technical consultant Mr. M. Bernfesrt. The lodge got some donation for its cultural program. The joint exhibition of painters Ms. Melita Kraus and Mr. Toni Franovic is planed for April 2016. Opening of exhibitions "Suffering of Jew of Zemun" will be opened on May 4th in evening hours.

14. 12. 2015. Meeting of members (in Journalist home). Two new members joined the Lodge (Branka Cimermanović and Sandra Pavić). Thanks to brother Vladimir Shalamon the lodge would raise some donations to cover the activities in 2016 year. Exibition  of Jakov Bararon is postponed for March. The Lodge will in February organize a koncert wit David Gazurov, the pianist. It will be in Music academy.

27. 11. 2015. Erika van Gelder, former president of BB Europe passed away. She was the mother of two daughters and grandmother of two granchildern. Born in a DP camp she spent her childhood in Romania, then went to Israel and Canada and finaly to Holland. She was active in BB since 1996. Members of BB Europe expressed condolence to her family.

16. 11. 2015. Meeting of members (in Journalist home). The possibility to organize an exibition on suffering of Zemun (Semlin) Jews was proposed. This could be done on May 5th the Yom ha Shoa. Members were informed about resignation of sister Erika van Gelder and her bad illness. Approval of new members was made.

19. 10. 2015. Meeting of members. For the first time the meeting took place outside the Jewish community Zagreb building (in Mimara Museum). Several new members were present.  Bill forms for paying membership fee were distributed to the members. We discused the possibility to organise a turistic and cultural event. Pula, as the most convinient place was proposed. Duration of meeting could be three days (Friday to Sunday).

16. 9. 2015. Meeting of members. Several activities for the lodge have been proposed. Members expressed their opinion regarding the new regional BBE organization. They would like the lodge of Zagreb to be in Central Europe region instead in Balkan region. Action should be made to find an appropriate meeting place outside the building of Jewish community Zagreb. The membership fee for year 2015 will be 200 Kn.

11. 6. 2015. The electorial assembly took place. The new constitution was accepted. The new leadership was elected: Darko Fischer president, Miljenko Bernfest vicepresident, Mira Altarac secretary. The lodge will try to attract more members. The secretary should take care to supply all documentation for a new registration.

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